Car insurance quotes for all the main makes and models

Go back one-hundred years when the Model T was just coming into its prime and no one cared about insurance. Those who could afford it, bought a car and drove away. Now there are detailed crash tests and statistical databases showing virtually every aspect of a vehicle’s performance. Curiously there has been what the insurers like to call convergence, i.e. as people agree on the science, the designs are starting to look very similar. When it comes to safety, more vehicles now have safety features like seat belts and airbags fitted as standard. This means the testing centers now focus on the engineering, looking at which vehicles are safest in collisions. This has a direct bearing on the likely claims for medical expenses by drivers and passengers. The larger vehicles are safer. They have stronger body shells and a lot more metal wrapped round the passengers. They also tend to be further off the ground and so lift the passengers out of danger when hit by something smaller.

The other factor is the ease with which vehicles can be repaired. If the replacement parts are expensive and take a lot of effort to instal, the labor costs add to a big bill. But if parts are cheap, freely available and just slot into place, this keeps repair bills lower and car insurance quotes down. This means those more exclusive foreign imports are more expensive to insure than the locally manufactured sedans. The final factor is the ease with which the vehicle can be stolen. There are very pronounced preferences amongst the car thieves. Play safe and buy a make and model the average thief finds difficult to drive away.

Use the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety database. This is a nonprofit scientific organization that collects data on the human and economic losses caused by traffic accidents. There’s a tool you can use on its website to see the rating for every make and model going back for years. That way, whether you are proposing to buy new or secondhand, you can always find out which vehicles have the lowest premium rates. This can then be checked through multiple car insurance quotes, confirming how much cheaper different makes and models can be to insure. If in doubt, prefer the top safety picks and save money when the car insurance quotes come in.